Ideas for SalesPad Desktop

User Friendly Way to Move / Remove / Add tabs in Various Cards

It would be helpful if non-admin users could rearrange the order of tabs across various modules and screens, remove tabs they don't need, or add them back, similar to the column chooser functionality. This could be based on security role with admin ability to make certain tabs mandatory/non-removable. My customer card has 26 tabs. I have a big monitor and they don't all fit so I have to click a right arrow to see all of them, and then remember I'm not seeing the first few now and click a left arrow to get back. I'm an admin and want all functionality unlocked, but I'm also a user and don't use more than 1/2 of the tabs on a regular basis. For lesser needed features I could easily navigate the ribbon or dropdowns above, or - ideally - add extra tabs to the card only when needed.

  • Chris Abbott
  • Nov 3 2015
  • Future consideration
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