Ideas for SalesPad Desktop

Route Mapping Plugin for Manufacturing Orders

Add a plugin to the Manufacturing Order doc that provides a visual of the routing associated with that particular MO.  The visualization would take each sequence step, i.e. Sequence 100, 200, 300 and place them in a visual workflow map to provide a much clearer view of the manufacturing process.  Each sequence represented on the workflow map would provide information such as, whether or not the sequence is outsourced, what work center the sequence takes place at, how much time the sequence requires, and whether or not the sequence has been completed, is in process, or has yet to be started.  To move the MO through this MAP would also require forwarding action buttons on the MO such as “Completed” or “Next Sequence”.  This would allow for greater control over the actual manufacturing process, while providing an easy to comprehend visual of that workflow for shop foreman, and customer sales reps that need to be able to effectively communicate MO status back to a customer.

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  • Sep 30 2015
  • Will not implement
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    Jacob Pegg commented
    19 Apr, 2017 06:11pm

    I think this will have to fall into custom for now.