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asking to reevaluate the replaced by popup window


Item Replacement - Enhance by giving options to users/companies

Right now, Item Replacements are 2 way and there is no option to make them a 1 way. So, for instance, I replace Widget A with Widget B.  Everytime I order Widget A, I get an Item Replacement pop up window that tells me I should order Widget B. That's super useful and helpful for users and customers. However, when I order Widget B, I ALSO get a pop up letting me know that it replaced Widget A.  Why?  Why do I need to know that?  That popup just gets in the way of our busy sales reps and confuses them. I can see that some companies might like that, so maybe there could be a setting for if you want it to be a one way or a 2 way. 

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  • Dec 4 2019
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  • Marty Christensen commented
    22 Jan 10:02pm

    We would find this very useful also. We have decided to not use this functionality because of the two way replacement operation.