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Bulk Link and Bulk Unlink of PO's from Sales orders

When you have an order with 250 lines connected to a PO .  As of right now we have to unlink line by line by line.   There should be a button that will allow me to unlink or link  the entire PO to the order at one time.   We can't bulk unlink or link in Sales Pad .

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  • Aug 6 2019
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  • Christine Jewell commented
    06 Aug 22:54

    Absolute necessity!  Please make this happen, it’s been an open request for years.

  • Lora McMillan commented
    06 Aug 23:00


  • Heather Maughn commented
    06 Aug 23:59

    Yes, please.  This is critical functionality to improve time and accuracy.

  • Rick Smith commented
    07 Aug 03:37

    This would be a HUGE time saver.  Definitely make it happen!

  • Jennifer Posey commented
    07 Aug 11:45


  • Tricia Wilson commented
    07 Aug 11:51

    It is such a huge PAIN to unlink one item at a time.  THIS WOULD BE A HUGE TIME SAVER.

  • Penny Jensen commented
    07 Aug 12:28

    Yes please!  Would be a BIG time saver!

  • Jodie Caldwell commented
    07 Aug 13:16

    huge time saver

  • ROXANNE LAWSON commented
    07 Aug 14:22

    Yes!  This is a no-brainer! 

  • Paula Dalgetty commented
    07 Aug 16:20

    Yes.  This would be a great time-saver ...

  • Brian Seifried commented
    07 Aug 16:57

    We need this feature badlly.

  • Daisy Ronquillo commented
    07 Aug 17:17

    Yes, please this would be a time savor!