Ideas for SalesPad Desktop

Mass Communication of a Printed Form

I think it would be great if SalesPad had the functionality to email a list of customers a printed form all at once. For example, we create our price sheet from a Quick Report that can then be formatted into a Printed Form. Currently, we then have to save the printed form as a PDF and go to outlook to send the price sheet to an outlook email group. The problem is we are now managing two email databases. It would be great if we could produce a list of email address from SalesPad possibly through a Quick Report and then mass email that entire list as a BCC our Price Sheet.


Additionally, it would be great if we could use this functionality to mass send out A/R Statements. The difference with A/R Statements would be the report is dynamic and specific to the customer where a price sheet would be the same for an entire group of customers. This would be so much faster than emailing statements one by one through the customer card.




  • Marcus Heemstra
  • Dec 14 2018
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