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Vendor Quote Tracking

We would like a way to track purchase quotes from vendors. We have hundreds of items in our database and can buy most of our items from multiple vendors. When we get price sheets or quotes from vendors it would be great if we could store this data in SalesPad. 

I see a lot of benefits to adding this functionality. 

  1. Our industry can be highly volatile from a supply and cost standpoint so we can keep track of which vendors have a certain item available and what the cost would be from them so we can react faster.
  2. We can then make sure we are buying from the best vendors.
  3. We can keep track of when a vendor is out of an item and document when they may have it available again so we know when to ask for a new quote.
  4. We can more efficiently look for products from vendors since we have greater clarity to who may or may not have the item available.
  5. I see endless possibilities with the data we collect. For a couple examples,
    1. We could track pricing trends in order to position ourselves inventory wise (should we go long or short on this item)
    2. We could track availability trends of items and to also help position ourselves inventory wise.
    3. We could better negotiate with vendors since we will be better equipped with market data.


I really think this idea could benefit a lot of companies so if anyone wanted to discuss this idea I would love to do that with them.


  • Marcus Heemstra
  • Nov 28 2018
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  • Admin
    Jacob Pegg commented
    November 29, 2018 12:19

    Marcus, have you looked at vendor special costing in SalesPad?  I think that will hit on a number of your bullet points, but I'm not sure it covers everything you are looking for.  Take a look at the documentation and see what you think, then let me know if that will work or if you need more.


  • Marcus Heemstra commented
    November 29, 2018 14:34

    Hi Jacob,

    I think if we used it properly this does part of what I want. The difficult part is I don't see where I can look under the item and see which vendors we all have pricing from. I really think the functionality would have most benefit if it modeled the Quote to Order functionality. The PO Quote doesn't affect inventory but if we wanted to purchase it we could convert it to a PO and the original quote would become historical or if a quote became obsolete then we could void or delete it so that we still had historical tracking of it but it was clearly not active. Then we could search by item and see all the vendors who have quoted that item what the price and quantity was and when they quoted it. We could probably even add an expiration date if necessary. Any thoughts on this?




  • Admin
    Jacob Pegg commented
    November 29, 2018 14:53


    Sounds like you want a blend of Vendor Special Costing and RFQs maybe?  For the vendor special costing visibility, you could add an item quick report that shows all of the vendors and their special cost in the item search.  We might even be able to add the cost column to the vendor item screen (on the item search screen, check the box to include vendor items).