Ideas for SalesPad Desktop

Dynamically Abbreviate Column Labels Based on Width

Often narrowed column widths do not display column labels properly. Our users set their column widths based on the column-contents not the column-label. Keeps their screens neat and tidy. 

It gets additionally confusing when there are several qty-based columns and the column-labels are truncated.

Consider making the column label adapt to narrowed column widths. 

Examples of column label abbreviation cycle...

  • Qty Fulfilled > Qty Flfld > Flfld > qF
  • Qty Allocated > Qty Alloc > Alloc > qA
  • Qty Canceled > Qty Cncld > Cncld > qX
  • [Settings Date Format] > mm/dd/yy > m/d/y > m/d
  • Shipping Method > Ship Method > ShipVia
  • Ship To Address Code > Ship To Addr > ShipTo
  • Component Seq Num > Comp Seq Num > Cmp Seq # > CpSq# > CS#
  • *Customer PO Num > Customer PO > Cust PO > PO#
  • *Mfg Order Number > Mfg Order # > MO#

*In some cases the column contents would most likely be wider than a short title such as 'MO#' & PO#. In some cases users just want to know if a value exists vs being able to read the column contents.

When creating a user-defined field I keep the name brief to accommodate column squeezing. Adding a column name tooltip field with the long name would let the user verify the column contents.

Setting this up as a series of comma separated values for each column name would be sweet.

  • Brad Smith
  • Sep 27 2018
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