Ideas for SalesPad Desktop

CROWD FUNDING 4 Customizations

I wanted to follow up on what I mentioned Last Year at Panels since it came up numerous times this year.
I have spoken with Jacob P and a few others surrounding this topic in the last year and at 2018 Panels and SalesPad is "interested" in the Idea but the Process to accomplish it is what still needs further discussions.

My Intent here is simply a way to show (by Vote counts) exactly how many Clients are Really Interested in this idea.

So, for those interested (simply furthering this discussion) PLEASE VOTE so we can see just how much interest there is.
Lets see how many votes we can get on this.


PLEASE NOTE - this is Not to work out the details just merely trying to gauge the interest.

  • Jason Jeter
  • Aug 9 2018
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