Ideas for SalesPad Desktop

Add Print Kit/Package Detail Checkbox option to Print Options sections of the Report Document dialog

When printing a Sales Document in GP, there is a option on the print dialog box to 'Include Kit Components'. If the box is checked, the detail of the kit will be printed on the lines. If it is not checked(default), only the top level kit prints. Currently in Salespad, you need two versions of the report to get this functionality or you have to choose one or the other and work with a consultant to get it working properly. There is easily enough room in the 'Print Document' dialog under the Print Options to add similar functionality to Salespad. Of course, the script in each sales document report Detail1 band would have to reference variable set in the print dialog to determine whether line items for kits/packages should be printed.

  • Rich Karecki
  • Apr 11 2018
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