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Improve "contains" search for multi word searches

Currently, "contains" search finds the first word and then only looks AFTER that word for the second, then the third word after the second, etc.

Improve "contains" to return all records that have ANY of the words being searched for.  Ideally, results matching more of the searched words would be higher in the returned list.  (Like a search engine ranks the results of a multi word search.)

  • Mike Walz
  • Jan 26 2018
  • Will not implement
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  • Admin
    Jacob Pegg commented
    February 09, 2018 14:03


    This is a good suggestion, but there really isn't a great way for us to do this "out of the box".  With that said, depending on where you are searching, you can either customize our views to use some of the additional functionality available in SQL for the CONTAINS function or you can create a Quick Report that allows for the user to specify their search terms and use something like the weighting option in the CONTAINS function.  Ultimately though, I don't see a great way to optimize a SQL query to get you the results you are looking for without having some pretty negative impacts on performance which is why this likely never make it into the core product.