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Sales Document Entry - Item Info Grid Alignment

There is a small item information grid on the sales document entry window, just above the sales lines. It looks like the field alignments aren’t consistent  as some are left and some are right justified. The additional problem seems to be when you add some user fields; the label is left justified while the data value is right justified which makes the field very difficult to read. It would be very helpful if they layout was more consistent. 

  • Katelyn Wood
  • Dec 26 2017
  • Will not implement
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  • Admin
    Jacob Pegg commented
    14 Feb, 2018 07:33pm


    It is based on data type.  Text fields are left aligned while any number/decimal field will be right aligned.  The column headers are always left aligned.  Hopefully that will add some feeling of consistency to it.  On the number fields, if you click on the column header and select "Best Fit" which should make it a bit easier to read.