Ideas for SalesPad Desktop

Allow Ad-Hoc Email Addresses in Batch Email Processes

Refer to suppor ticket # [#LAR-913-61681] for additional screenshots and related support case information

A client has a scenario where a customer's staff might request additional copies of invoices after they've been billed. The email of the customer's staff isn't one of the ones associated with the sales document shipping or billing addresses (perhaps it's an auditor, or a manager). In order to accomplish this currently, the SalesPad user would have to do the following:

  1. Launch Sales Batch Processing or Sales Document Search
  2. Search for documents and select multiple documents to send
  3. Print (instead of email) the document Preview so they can be exported as a PDF document and saved to their desktop.
  4. Manually email the documents through their email client (or Interactions Emailing)


Ideally, when a user selects multiple documents and press the Email button from Sales Document Search they'd have an option to email to an email address not directly associated with the Sales Documents, but instead be based on a user prompt or new 'One-Off Email Address' field in the Email compose window. This would streamline the process down to

  1. Search for and Select Documents in Sales Doc Search
  2. Click Email button
  3. Enter email address 'one-off email' field information and click send (ideally, a new entry in the Customer email audit is added)
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  • Nov 8 2017
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