Ideas for SalesPad Desktop

Duplicate Customer PO # Easy Lookup Screen

Right now Salespad has a simple popup that alerts the user to any sales documents that have the same PO number. A better screen would be one that looks for all orders for that specific customer with the same PO number rather than comparing to every customer in Salespad.

All orders for that specific customer with the exact same customer PO number would appear in this pop up and they would be clickable. When you click them it would bring you to a view of that order so the user can quickly determine if it is in fact a duplicate order or a completely different order where the customer happened to use the exact same PO #.

This streamlines the order entry process because without this feature our customer service team has to manually look up every single order # that comes up in this window to determine if it is an actual duplicate order or not. 

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  • Sep 29 2017
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  • Lauren Lomoriello commented
    September 29, 2017 20:34

    Great idea!  This would help out our office alot.