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Printing Fulfillment/Serial/Lot UDF's

Currently the only way to print user fields for fulfilled serial or lot numbers is to modify the spcpSalesDocumentReport. This creates a problem because joining the fulfillment to the sales lines duplicates the sales line data and if fields beside the fulfillment udf's were being printed the form would need to be re-designed with special groups to make it print properly. I think the fulfillment udf's should be included as a normal field option like the Sales Document and Sales Line Item udfs are; or provide another option in the spcp to avoid the duplicating issue. 

  • Katelyn Wood
  • Sep 18 2017
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    Jacob Pegg commented
    11 Apr, 2018 08:25pm

    This was added to 

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    Jacob Pegg commented
    14 Feb, 2018 09:15pm

    It could be done with scripting on the report pretty easily, but I agree that it should be part of the default data set