Ideas for SalesPad Desktop

Tabs, arrange them how we want them

I would like to be able to move and arrange the tabs that show up on any screen.  I would like to be able to put the tabs where I want them, not just be able to turn on or off specific tabs but move them around to the order I want them in on each card.

  • Jason Jasperson
  • Jul 21 2017
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  • Lisa Diane commented
    August 07, 2017 20:16

    I second this option. I would go a step further to allow each user to be able to drag tabs to display in whichever order they prefer independently.

  • Brad Smith commented
    June 29, 2018 15:52

    Arrange and rename them

  • Joe Alt commented
    20 Feb 18:27

    A partial solution is the Layout Maintenace Screen, but that only works for Sales Documents, Customers, Purchase Orders, and Vendors. I understand that may not fully fulfill your request.