Ideas for SalesPad Desktop

Add option to copy SalesPad Price Group records when using Item Copy for new item adds.

This feature is available in GP and saves a lot of time when you have the same item in different colors or sizes with identical pricing.  This could be done by adding a Security Setting to allow customers to choose if they want this feature.  Once an item number is entered into the Copy Item From Field tabbing out can activate a popup screen similar to what is in the GP Item Copy feature.   Copy SalesPad Price Groups can be displayed with checkbox for the user to select.  Price records are then inserted into each selected Price Group for the new item being added with the price from the item copied from for all Price Groups the Copy From Item is currently in.  A bonus add could be to add other copy options with checkboxes for selection to copy the vendor to the Vendor Info tab and site assignments with vendors to Warehouse and Resource Planning tab for the new item.  Although we would not use this, other users may possibly want the option to copy the Bin locations.

  • Cathy Lorenz
  • Jul 12 2016
  • Needs Discussion
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