Ideas for SalesPad Desktop

Additional A/R Functionality

Working with SalesPad Support I recently received the dll for the A/R module. Being able to do A/R transactions in SalesPad is great, but some additional functionality could make it even more useful.

User Fields could be really helpful because GP is very limited in adding info to A/R transaction. 

A/R Transaction pre save script.

Increased visibility to especially open A/R transactions in SalesPad. Either on the customer card or maybe Sales Monitor or Sales Document Search type views. 

One last idea would be to see/edit the accounts being used. I can see an argument both for and against this one and it would need to have security but many users verify the accounts on every A/R transaction entered. Doing it at the time of entry is convenient, could save time, and leaves only the posting in GP. 

  • Katelyn Wood
  • Jun 13 2016
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    Jacob Pegg commented
    20 Apr, 2017 01:34pm


    This is what Katelyn was referring to - documentation

    This is an extended module that can be added to SalesPad.  You can reach out to your sales rep if you haven't already and they can help you get it.

  • Rob Fahndrich commented
    13 Oct, 2016 06:33pm

    What .DLL are you referring to?  What additional things does it bring to the table? 

    What AR Transactions are you referring too?  This might be huge for our small accounting department.


    I recently created some UDF's regarding A/R and built a Quick report that displays pertinent information.  We can now view a single report and have valuable information shown.  This also has the contact person, phone number and email address of the customers "bill to" address card.